Short CV

Costas Douzinas is Syriza MP for the Pireas.  A constituency and Chair of the Standing Committee of Defence and Foreign Affairs. Costas is a Professorof Law and Philosophy, Director of the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, BirkbeckLondon University and member of the Greek Commission on Human Rights. Costas was the founder of the Birkbeck School of Law, the BirkbeckInstitute for the Humanities and the School of Law of the University of Cyprus. He is the editor of the journal Law and Critiqueand managing editor of Birkbeck Law Press.

His many books, translated in twelve languages, include Postmodern Jurisprudence; The End of Human Rights; Nomos and Aesthetics; Human Rights and Empire;Critical Jurisprudence andResistance and Philosophy in the Crisis and the volumes of essays Law and the Image; Adieu Derrida,The Idea of Communism, The Cambridge Companion to Human Rights Lawand The Meaning of Rights. He is frequent contributor to the Guardian and OpenDemocracy and writes a fortnightly column entitled Philosophical and Political Currentin the Athens Newspaper of Journalists.Costas has received many prizes and rewards for his work.

English Publications

(2013) Philosophy and Resistance in the Crisis: Greece and the Future of Europe Polity Press.
(2007) Human Rights and Empire: The Political Philosophy of Cosmopolitanism, Routledge-Cavendish.
(2005) Critical Jurisprudence: The Political Philosophy of Justice (with Adam Gearey) Oxford, Hart.
(2000) The End of Human Rights: Critical Legal Through at the Fin-de-Siecle, Oxford: Hart.
(1998) Law and the Emotions: Prolegomeana for a Psychoanalytic Approach to Legal Study, EUI Working Papers.
(1995) Justice Miscarried: Aesthetics and the Law (with Ronnie Warrington, 1994), Harvester Wheatsheaf; reissued Edinburgh University Press, 1995
(1991) Postmodern Jurisprudence (with Ronnie Warrington), London: Routledge.
(1986) Between Utopia and Apologetics: Constitutionalism and Critical Theory, Athens: Sacoulas Law Publishers.

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